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Solver Is Now ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ – What Does That Mean?

Solver recently announced that our leading Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution is now listed as ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica.’ This is BIG news because it makes Solver’s planning, reporting and dashboard solution the top choice for Acumatica users.

What Does Solver ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ Mean?

Solutions that are ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ must be developed by official Acumatica partners to integrate directly into Acumatica, and they must meet a wide range of Acumatica-specified requirements. Once these solutions prove that they meet all the requirements, Acumatica validates the solution internally and provides it as a preferred option for customers.

In short: the effortless integration between Solver and Acumatica makes Solver the go-to solution for reporting and dashboards in Acumatica Cloud ERP.

With Solver, Acumatica users can finally gain custom and fully informed insight into their business’s financial performance without having to resort to the hassle of non-validated third-party add-on solutions or tiresome export / import processes.

Template-driven ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ solutions are much easier for customers to use… but, we admit, getting to this stage took some pretty hard work from the Solver development experts.

What Does It Take to Be ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica?’

To become a ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ solution and an Acumatica Certified Application, Solver’s dev team had to:

  • Guarantee seamless compatibility between Acumatica ERP and Solver CPM

  • Ensure data consistency within the Acumatica environment

  • Confirm that Solver does not impair the overall performance of Acumatica

  • Prove that Solver was developed by certified Acumatica developers and includes all necessary product information

  • Demonstrate that Solver ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ meets stringent security standards

After meeting these requirements, Solver needed to be independently validated by Acumatica. After that, Solver was finally granted its official designation as a ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ solution.

What Integrated Features Does Solver + Acumatica Offer?

Because Solver is fully integrated with Acumatica, your business can rely on the fact that your critical data used in reporting and dashboards will be drawn directly from your ERP. This helps ensure much better report accuracy than other, older integration methods.

You’ll also never have to worry about losing access to your reports because Solver ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ will always be compatible with Acumatica’s latest releases. (For those of you who have experienced the extreme frustration of losing access to your software after an incompatible update, this feature will be a huge relief.)

What Does It Take to Set Up Solver ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’?

Solver and Acumatica’s streamlined integration delivers something unique in the industry: instant reporting and dashboard creation.

When we say instant, we mean it: Solver ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ gets you the reporting insight you need in literally ONE DAY.

Here is how this works:

  • In ONE DAY, Solver’s patent-pending QuickStart Wizard will automatically map your GL and Chart of Accounts data in Acumatica to your fully customizable reports in Solver.

  • This “mapping” process will also instantly light up the 50+ Power BI financial dashboards that Solver delivers out of the box.

  • At the end of Day One, you will achieve in-depth, comprehensive financial insight, drawn directly from your real-time Acumatica data.

Trust us: you’ve never seen anything like this. You’ve never seen comprehensive core reporting setup completed this quickly. If you are looking for a lightning-fast setup and more comprehensive insight into your financials, look no further than Solver.

How to See Solver ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ for Yourself

Stop by Solver’s booth at Acumatica Summit 2021 to see Solver ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ in action or check out the on-demand Acumatica Tour online at your convenience.


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