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Ready for Solver Training? Check Out the Solver Academy

With a Wide Range of Learning Options, Solver Training Is the Best Choice to Build Solver Skills

You already know that the Solver Corporate Performance Management Suite comes with planning, budgeting, and forecasting tools. You also know it comes with the reporting, consolidation, dashboard, and analysis solutions you need to achieve complete financial and operational insight into your business. Additionally, you know that Solver is fully customizable, providing you with the opportunity to build your own reports, forms, and dashboards from scratch or from a template.

What you may not already know is how to harness all that Solver power.

That is where the Solver Academy comes in.

What Is the Solver Academy?

The Solver Academy is an online learning portal built and maintained by Solver that offers in-depth training courses for customers and partners. These courses are available through annual eLearning subscriptions for on-demand, self-paced courses or through a la carte virtual, instructor-led trainings that happen every few months.

  • eLearning subscriptions are all self-paced, which is the most convenient way to learn. With your subscription, you can start at the beginning of a path or jump to a specific topic any time. Self-paced lessons and courses are available 24×7 during your eLearning subscription period.

  • Instructor-led courses happen only during specific dates and times and are the most effective way to learn. In an instructor-led course, a product expert guides you step by step through hands-on exercises in a virtual classroom setting.

Whether you want to improve your financial reporting quality, craft Power BI automated reports, manage your data warehouse, administer your Solver solution, or supercharge your planning, budgeting, and forecasting skills, the Solver Academy has courses to fit your needs.

How to Use the Solver Academy

Because everyone learns differently, the Solver Academy provides 4 pathways to fit your preferred learning style. Our extensive course list gets you comfortable using all the software skills you need to succeed with Solver.

  • Full Course Catalog

The full course catalog lists every course available in the Solver Academy. It is a great fit for learners who thrive in self-paced learning environments and who prefer to choose specific classes from a range of topics so they can control the order of their courses. It is available with your eLearning subscription.

The full course catalog is perfect for aspiring power users and for people who want to learn how to tackle specific tasks as they come up. For example, a manager could choose to complete the “Sharing Templates and Reports” Solver training course to learn that specific skill precisely when she needs to use it. An accountant could improve his financial reporting quality by attending “Report Design Essentials,” which helps learners create presentation-quality reports.

Every course in the catalog will show you how long the course is and whether you have registered for or completed the courses already. Some courses include multiple mini-courses within them, empowering you to dive in deep on one specific topic.

  • Learning Paths

Learning paths group relevant courses together from the course catalog, imposing order and a structured approach for a more directed learning experience. These are a great fit for people who thrive in self-paced learning courses but want a clear, step-by-step path through each topic. These are also available with your eLearning subscription.

Learning paths are ideal for new users or for experienced users who need to learn a new skill. For example, a newly hired Budget Manager may want to attend the “Planning Essentials Level 1” path to build and manipulate planning, budgeting, and forecasting templates. An HR Manager may want to attend the “Power BI” learning path, so she can build her own dashboards and Power BI automated reports.

Each learning path will clarify how many courses are included in the pathway. By clicking “Register” on learning path content, Academy learners will automatically be enrolled in all the content for that pathway.

  • Certification Courses

Certification courses offer in-depth learning pathways for advanced skills. Each course includes rigorous assessments to test your expertise. After completing the course and passing the tests, learners will earn a digital badge they can display online to show off their knowledge. These courses are a great fit for people who thrive in self-paced learning environments and who want to proclaim their new, hard-earned skillset to the world. Certification is available through your eLearning subscription.

The assessments typically include a multiple-choice test as well as practical test that requires you to prove your knowledge by troubleshooting common issues. Learners who fail the exam must wait 10 days before attempting it again, and the tests really are quite difficult. The badge you earn from Solver training certification courses is a true badge of honor.

  • Virtual, Instructor-Led Training

Virtual, instructor-led trainings deliver a true classroom experience – with no travel required! These highly intensive, two half-day courses cover topics more quickly than the self-paced courses, provide real-time individualized attention from a product expert, and offer CPE credits. These hands-on courses include beginner and intermediate levels for Report Design Essentials and Planning Essentials, and course content is geared toward aspiring power users. Instructor-led courses do not require an eLearning subscription. Each course should be purchased a la carte.

The virtual, instructor-led training courses limit seats to keep class sizes small and they are only available once every few months. To secure your spot for upcoming classes, please bookmark the training page and check for updates regularly.

Want More Information on Solver Training?

If you are curious to learn more about the Solver Academy, please email

We understand how important it is for you to keep building your valuable reporting and planning skillset. That’s why the Solver Academy helps you streamline your learning experience, your way.


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