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corporate performance management consulting


The Power Behind Our Consulting

With over 40 years of database design, architecture, and financial expertise, Filius Bonacci brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, helping our clients make accurate, timely, and efficient business decisions.


We combine our deep understanding of technologies like SQL, ETL tools, data warehouses, report writers, and data visualization tools, along with our unequaled financial and business savvy, to create powerful, easy-to-use solutions that enable our clients to take their organizations to the next level.

We've Got You Covered

At Filius Bonacci we specialize in corporate performance management consulting, including:


  • Budgeting & forecasting – analysis, creation, and workflows

  • Reporting – both standard and custom

  • Data visualization – dashboards, KPIs, charts, and metrics

  • Data warehousing – combining disparate data into meaningful content

  • Integrations – both pre-built and custom

  • Extracting, transforming, and loading data


We use great tools from our partners Solver and Microsoft, along with our own in-house applications, Ronzinante and Pilota, and combine them with our experience, knowledge, and deep understanding of our clients’ requirements to create solutions that comprehensively deliver results.


Solver BI360 Partner

Since we are a Gold Partner with Solver, we are experts with the BI360 corporate performance management suite and provide the following services:


  • Live presentations of BI360

  • Sales of BI360

  • Installation and integrations with BI360

  • Training on BI360


Ongoing Support


Filius Bonacci not only offers training as part of our implementations, but can design and tailor sessions specifically for your needs. Training can be delivered remotely, or we can come to your office to create a truly unique educational experience.


We provide instruction on a variety of topics, such as:


  • Budgeting, forecasting, and planning

  • Report writing

  • Data visualization

  • Integrations and data warehouse management

  • Decision support team development

Strategy and Planning

Understanding exactly what you need from a business intelligence and Corporate Performance Management perspective can be daunting at best. Not only can Filius Bonacci help you choose an appropriate technology strategy, but we can assist you in planning your data requirements and integration needs, as well as suitably utilize and disseminate the information to those in your organization who need it most.


In addition, we can help you employ the appropriate tools to formulate a reliable, accurate, and efficient budgeting and forecasting process. By leveraging our years of experience and expertise in business and financial management, you can properly and reliably meet the goals of your organization.

Ongoing Support

At Filius Bonacci, we believe firmly in establishing solid, long-term relationships with everyone we do business with. That’s why we’ll not only be there for you during our initial engagement, but offer ongoing support to ensure the health of your organization, corporate performance management, and business intelligence solutions.


To achieve this, we afford you easy access to our support team by providing a 1-800 number and email address, so that you can reach us with whatever method makes you most comfortable.

Ongoing Support

Speaking Engagements

Whether you wish to learn more about how others in your industry are using business intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solutions or simply desire to know more about the technology behind the systems, Filius Bonacci can help you out. Art and Russ gladly share their extensive knowledge with audiences big and small, regularly speaking at conferences and trade show events, as well as presenting webinars.

Need a speaker for your upcoming event? Have a need for a timely, insightful webinar?

Speaking Engagements
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