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Corporate performance management software


Filius Bonacci enhances corporate performance and business insights for mid-size organizations by leveraging data through creative innovations, providing the ability to make accurate, timely, and efficient business decisions.

A Name of Numbers

We are often asked why we chose the name Filius Bonacci and where it comes from.


The name comes from Leonardo Pisano, also known as Fibonacci, son of Bonacci and short for Filius Bonacci. Fibonacci introduced the Hindu-Arabic numeral system to the Western world, along with the sequence of Fibonacci numbers known as the golden ratio found in nature.


The Fibonacci sequence has a wide range of appearances and applications, both in mathematics and nature; we found that concept intriguing. The idea that we could combine Art’s financial (mathematical) side with Russ’ architectural side (nature) somehow seemed fitting. In fact, the logo was designed by Russ using the Fibonacci sequence as inspiration.  


Continuing with the Italian theme, as we developed our own software, the brainstorming started with the idea that the ETL tool was the “work horse” of our exclusive integrations, thus the name Ronzinante was chosen. Ronzinante was Don Quixote’s horse, the very steed that carried him on his every mission. Pilota, Italian for rider, is the front-end user interface for Ronzinante, directing the ETL tool to its destination.


Despite being on different career paths, Art and Russ experienced a common frustration – the inability to access the required information (data) to properly solve their customers’ issues.


Consequently, Art and Russ joined forces, bringing together over 40 years of database design, architecture, and financial expertise. The result was Filius Bonacci, a company whose financial and technological savvy provides our customers with the ability to collect the necessary data and organize it in a meaningful way in order to easily and efficiently access it, thus allowing them to make timely, efficient, and accurate business decisions.


Combining the talent of Art’s business building and financial know-how, and Russ’ technology development background, including SQL and ETL, allowed Filius Bonacci to produce the in-house tools that keep it at the forefront of the corporate performance management arena.


Mission Statement

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