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Our Founders

Corporate performance management consulting

Art Fletcher, CMA

As President of Filius Bonacci, Art Fletcher is responsible for the overall strategic vision and the financial budgeting and planning of the company. After receiving his Bachelors of Arts in Industrial Accounting from Gonzaga University, Art returned to Oregon, where he established himself as a leader in the financial arena by taking three Oregon-based companies through successful IPOs (initial public offerings).

In 2010, Art founded Filius Bonacci, leveraging his 25 years of finance and reporting experience into a business intelligence firm focused on corporate performance management.

Though most of Art’s time is spent directing the business, he still has time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Oregon, where he regularly hikes, bikes, and kayaks the mountains and rivers. In addition, Art has played hockey for 15 years and is currently the captain of his team. Finally, never one to turn down a good beer, Art also manages to squeeze in time for his beer-making hobby.

Business intelligence software

Russ Snead

As Chief Technology Officer of Filius Bonacci, Russ leads the product strategy, research, and development division along with product innovation, technology, and delivery. After graduating from the University of Idaho in 1988 with an undergraduate degree in Architecture, he continued with a Master’s degree in Architecture. Russ then turned his focus to IT management, database management, and consulting.

After several years with Magic and Network Associates as their lead management consultant, Russ joined Filius Bonacci in 2010 and became a Partner in 2012. Russ has combined his love of design, architecture, database, and consulting to take the organization to the next level in the business intelligence and corporate performance management arenas.

Even though Russ spends a great deal of time programming and directing the product division of Filius Bonacci, he continues to hone his artistic skills blowing glass and, due to his location in the heart of Oregon and Washington wine country, Russ is also able to indulge in his passion for good wine.

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