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While BI360 has a superior Data Warehouse, pulling data from various data sources typically requires a fairly arduous process of configuring an SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) connection or some other form of connection.


To simplify this process, Filius Bonacci created Ronzinante. Ronzinante is a Windows Service that runs in the background and comes with a number of Extensions that provide abilities like bringing in data from CSV, SSIS, UltiPro, Google Analytics, XML, XLS, SQL, OLEDB, ODBC, and others. Extensions are the engines that talk to the data sources, retrieve the data, place it into a Collection, and then determine the ultimate destination of the data.


In addition to providing the ability to maintain multiple data sources and multiple data warehouses, Ronzinante has its own data warehouse, so it keeps the BI360 database clean.




Ronzinante is the “work horse” of Filius Bonacci’s exclusive integration solutions, but every great horse needs an equally great rider – thus, we created Pilota (Italian for rider).


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