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Solver BI360 corporate performance management software

solver bi360

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Solver BI360 corporate performance management


BI360 Report Design

  • Design reports in familiar Microsoft Excel

  • Utilize out-of-the-box reporting templates or start from scratch

  • Access your ERP’s modules directly using pre-built integrations

  • Report directly from the BI360 Data Warehouse to easily create reports that combine data from multiple sources

  • Access pre-defined KPIs, calendar functions, expression trees, and report parameters

  • Leverage multi-currency translation functionality to convert financial statements

Solver BI360 Reporting

Pre-built integration shown for Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP

Solver BI360 business intelligence

Pre-defined KPIs, calendar functions, expression trees, and report parameters

Solver BI360 corporate performance management

Sample Profit & Loss viewed via Microsoft Excel

BI360 Report Viewing

  • View financial statements and operations reports in Microsoft Excel, web portal, or mobile application

  • Configure automation settings to deliver report packages directly to:

    • Team members’ email inboxes

    • Network locations (libraries)

    • Printers

Solver BI360 data visualization

Report viewed via web portal

Solver BI360 cloud corporate performance management

Report viewed via Microsoft Excel

Solver BI360 cloud business intelligence

Configure automation settings to deliver report packages by different methods

BI360 Reporting

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Solver BI360 budgeting planning forecasting


Solver BI360 Planning

BI360 Budgeting Input

  • Excel-designed and web-deployed budgeting and forecasting templates

  • Pre-built and user-definable input templates

  • Input planning data through internet browser or Microsoft Excel

  • Pop-up spreading tool with various spreading methods

  • Multi-year, month, week, day input

Solver BI360 Budgeting

BI360 Budgeting Process

  • Budget at any level of detail in any area

  • Unlimited budget versions

  • Perform what-if analysis and forecasting in a variety of ways:

    • Top-down approach

    • Bottom-up approach

    • Rolling forecasts

  • Easily perform allocations

  • Insert text comments on budget line-items

  • Live feed actual historical data into budget template directly from your ERP

  • Automatic, live write-back of budget data directly from web input form and into ERP database

BI360 Budgeting
Solver BI36 Planning and Forecasting

BI360 Budgeting Workflow and Security

  • Utilize flexible workflow to collaborate organization-wide during the budgeting process

  • Approval workflow and notification functionality

  • Full user security by department and any other dimension

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Solver BI360 Dashboards


BI360 Dashboards:

Modern Technology

  • Web platform for anywhere, anytime access

  • Fully integrated with the BI360 suite

  • Run in real-time on ERP system or on BI360 Data Warehouse with drill-down

BI360 Dashboards:

Data Visualization

  • Analyze operational and financial data

  • Drag & drop ad-hoc analysis

  • Support for third-party tools like Microsoft Power BI

BI360 Dashboards

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BI360 Dashboards:

Powerful Toolset

  • Chart library for visualizations

  • KPI Dictionary to pre-define formulas

  • Charts can be used with reports

BI360 Dashboards:

Ease of Use

  • Simple, easy-to-learn dashboard design in hours, not days

  • Fully customizable dashboard layouts

  • Interactive charts, tables and more

Solver BI360 Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

BI360 Data Warehouse:

Setup & Technology

  • Preconfigured – setup in days, not months

  • Easy configuration with user-friendly interface

  • Dramatically reduces time/cost/risk to implement

  • Easily add modules and dimensions

  • Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Azure based

BI360 Data Warehouse:

Integration & Administration

  • True multi-source Data Warehouse

  • Integrates with virtually any data source, including cloud sources

  • Automated data loading with BI360 ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool

  • User-friendly administrative interface built for business users

BI360 Data Warehouse:


  • Trees for enhanced hierarchy reporting for any dimension

  • Unlimited Trees on any dimension

  • Advanced business rules such as currency, eliminations, and more

  • Combine financial and operational data

  • Easily view data in Data Explorer

  • Fully integrated with BI360 Suite

BI360 Data Warehouse

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