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Business analytics consulting



To maximize profits and minimize costs, it is essential that manufacturers effectively extract and analyze their data to optimize operational efficiencies, maintain regulatory compliance, and enhance product and supply chain logistics. Some of the unique challenges manufacturers confront are:


  • Tracking production costs associated with plants, products, or shifts

  • Predicting demand for labor, materials, and overhead

  • Tracking variances in labor, materials, and overhead costs

  • Tracking production efficiency to manage supply chain bottlenecks

  • Managing production runtimes

  • Monitoring machine downtime

  • Accessing sales and order information quickly


Filius Bonacci assists manufacturers in meeting these and other challenges by combining data of various formats from multiple data sources in meaningful ways. By providing enhanced corporate performance management processes, we help manufacturers experience increased profit margins and reduced costs as improved operational efficiencies are realized.

Key Benefits

Improved reporting and data visualization

  • Design reports in familiar Microsoft Excel

  • Use data directly from the source or BI360 Data Warehouse

  • Utilize out-of-the-box reporting templates or start from scratch

  • View financial statements in Microsoft Excel, web portal, or mobile application

  • Configure automation settings to deliver reports directly to team members’ email inboxes

Enhanced budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes

  • Input planning data through internet browser or Microsoft Excel

  • Use out-of-the-box budget input templates or easily create your own

  • Leverage common approaches built into BI360 Planning to deploy budget models

  • Perform what-if analysis and forecasting in a variety of ways

  • Utilize flexible workflow to collaborate organization-wide during the budgeting process


Simplified data integration and data warehouse concepts

  • Create integrations to a variety of data source types

  • Combine data from disparate data sources in the BI360 Data Warehouse

  • Add additional tables and attributes to the pre-built BI360 Data Warehouse using easy-to-use frontend

  • Use BI360 Reporting and Dashboards to visualize data stored in the BI360 Data Warehouse

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