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While Pilota is the "rider" of our exclusive integration solutions, Ronzinante is the "work horse."

Ronzinante is Filius Bonacci’s exclusive integration “work horse” that actually performs the necessary extractions, transformations, and data loading. Every great horse, however, needs a great rider, thus we created Pilota (Italian for rider) to guide and instruct Ronzinante.


Pilota is a front-end user interface comprised of modules, queries, jobs, steps, schedules, and crosswalks, all of which are used to control and instruct Ronzinante on which data sources to pull data from, how to transform the data, and where to place it.


Modules contain the individual queries that tell Ronzinante what information to pull from the data sources and determine which destinations the data is going to. It’s important to note that all queries are written to be dynamic and, therefore, adapt to each individual client.


Jobs are made up of two components: steps and schedules. It’s the steps where you select the appropriate modules, and because a job can have multiple steps, you can simultaneously manage multiple data sources and multiple data warehouses (destinations). While you can configure jobs to run on specific schedules, you can always run them on demand, as well.


Finally, Pilota allows you to configure crosswalks that can be leveraged to transform data. An example of this could be the translation of a Chart of Accounts, which can even be done down to the segment level. These crosswalks can be setup to automatically update, saving you time and making you more efficient.

Pilota Product
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