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Why a One Day Implementation Matters for Corporate Performance Management Software

You Can Get Corporate Performance Management Software in 1 Day or 3 Months… Which Would You Prefer?

The modern world moves quickly. Emails take only seconds to travel to the furthest reaches of the planet and breaking news can be transmitted instantaneously across news sites and social media. Less dramatically, you can call or text your partner from the grocery store for a real-time update on whether you need another gallon of milk in the fridge.

The point is that everything happens in real-time in today’s world… so why does mission-critical business budgeting software and reporting software in a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution still take months to set up?

8 Weeks to 3 Months to Set Up Corporate Performance Management Software?!

As a leading CPM software provider, we at Solver would love it if every business leader decided to implement their Corporate Performance Management solution concurrently with their ERP. But we’re realists. We know that most companies first want to try out their ERP’s built-in report writing tools because CPM solutions require an additional investment.

By the time organizations realize their ERP’s built-in report writer is slow and clunky, their insight is already months behind where they need it to be. They need forward-looking insight as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, “as soon as possible” used to equate to a timeline of 8 weeks to 3 months for setup. That is too slow.

If you decided you needed better business insight in February 2020, but your CPM solution implementation took until May 2020… that would be a disaster. Our modern world demands faster deployment.

Who knows what will happen 3 months from now? You don’t and we don’t. But we do know that if you can forecast the future and run ‘what if’ models on a variety of potential scenarios, you’ll be prepared for whatever does come your way.

Faster is definitely better when it comes to gaining access to insights from your CPM solution.

Introducing the Solver QuickStart Methodology

To tackle this problem, the award-winning Solver team invented an entirely new model for mapping our CPM software to ERP data. We call it the Solver QuickStart methodology.

Using Solver’s QuickStart, companies will be able to use their brand-new Corporate Performance Management solution on Day 1.

That means that, on Day 1, you’ll have:

  • Instant Agility

Going back to our story earlier: if you had decided you needed better business insight in February 2020 and then actually achieved better business insight in February 2020… well, that would have made all the difference, right?

The ability to make confident decisions on the fly, fully backed by accurate data, gives you the power to respond appropriately to whatever surprises come your way.

  • Immediate Buy In

A truism of the software industry: it is very difficult to get your staff to use new software, no matter how much the software saves them time. As those of you who have gone through an ERP implementation know, it’s especially difficult to get your staff to use the new software if it’s been disrupting their lives for months.

Because Solver QuickStart gets your team same-day insight into detailed, custom financial data, you are likely to experience less friction and better user adoption for your CPM solution. This helps you fully leverage the power of your new CPM software.

  • Same-Day Detailed Insight

The only place you can get a one-day deployment for your CPM solution is Solver, and Solver is also the only place you can access the Solver Marketplace featuring 100+ free, fully customizable planning and reporting templates, and Power BI dashboards.

With Solver, your company will not only gain instant financial insight, your team will also have immediate, free access to the 100+ core budget forms, forecasts, financial reports, and dashboards that will get them analyzing your data on Day One.

These aren’t canned reports. All Solver reports and forms, including the ones in the Solver Marketplace, are easy to fully customize, so they fit your precise needs.

“Everything you get access to with Solver QuickStart and the ready-to-use reports and planning templates from the Marketplace on the first day – at no extra charge – could cost over $100,000 with another CPM solution.” – Nils Rasmussen, CEO, Solver

In other words: you can say goodbye to that slow and clunky report writer tomorrow. Isn’t that great?

Choose Your Speed

As a business leader, your future is up to you. You can choose to make fast, confident decisions starting tomorrow…. or you can choose to make those decisions months from now, when the other CPM solution providers finally get around to installing your critical business software.

Similarly, you can choose to send an email or snail-mail to the furthest reaches of the world, watch breaking news now or months from now, and find out whether you need more milk when you’re at the store today, or tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM when you’re staring at a cup of bitter, black coffee.

To us, faster seems the obvious best choice here, but we’re biased. After all, we invented the one-day Solver QuickStart deployment for Corporate Performance Management solutions. We like fast things.


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