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How Dynamics 365 Partners Benefit from the Microsoft and Solver Collaboration

In a recent announcement, Microsoft and Solver launched a collaboration agreement delivering deeply integrated planning and reporting for Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Finance. This Agreement offers several benefits for Dynamics 365 Finance (Finance) Partners; and as a byproduct, many of these same benefits will also be available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Business Central) Partners. Key benefits for Finance Partners, Business Central Partners, and both (D365) are discussed below.

Simplified, reduced effort to implement a complete ERP and CPM solution for customers

Because of the deep two-way integration provided as part of the Microsoft and Solver collaboration, partners will be able to deploy the solutions together with less effort. While many ERP Partners have dedicated business intelligence team members for Power BI dashboard deployments, they usually do not have full-time corporate performance management (CPM) teams.

More time for high value consulting

Consulting revenue is usually the most important component of a Dynamics partner’s business model, and for that reason, implementation projects that include a significant number of hours are of high importance to them. The pre-built D365 integrations may seem less attractive to partners at first because it can shorten initial implementation times with its easy-to-configure process and its number of pre-built reports, budget forms and dashboards. Partners will realize, however, that the quick-time-to-value customers gain will free up budgets and consulting time that partners usually include in an implementation and allow them to deliver higher value work, such as creating reports and budget models tailored to their client’s business needs and industry requirements. The result should be happier clients and higher return on investment (ROI).

Less complexity to support customers over time

Solver has been a Microsoft technology partner for more than 20 years. With the recently announced Microsoft and Solver agreement, partners can stay assured that integrations and other compatibility between Finance and Solver will remain in sync as both companies release their periodical cloud updates. Not only that, but interoperability and integrations are likely to continue to deepen. Furthermore, Solver already has an active integration program with key Dynamics 365 third-party (“ISV”) apps that also makes it easier for a partner to support the customer’s D365 solution. In other words, with less “manual plumbing” and custom development required, partners can support their clients much more easily over time, including by offering subscription-based managed services programs.

Easier to continue to deliver complete value with a single, connected Microsoft Azure platform

Azure has always been the cloud platform for the Solver CPM solution. As such, it also includes connectivity with Power BI, report publishing to Microsoft Teams, integration with Office 365, and now with the new Microsoft collaboration, deep two-way integration and other planned benefits for D365 customers. Solver’s Azure platform and Microsoft app–centric interoperability strategy is closely aligned with Dynamics partners’ value proposition to their clients.

Easier to convey value to prospective customers in the sales process

In a typical ERP sales process, partners will present their combined software and services value proposition to prospective customers. Oftentimes, a “ground-to-cloud” ERP migration will include both the ERP system as well as several best-of-breed add-ons, including solutions like Power BI for dashboards and Solver for budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. When these add-on solutions come pre-integrated to Dynamics 365 and also can deliver quick-time-to-value for the customer, there is a clear win-win for all parties. As a result, partners will win more new business because they can easily convey the overall solution’s value and show how it will help improve the customer’s business processes.

Easier to collaborate with Microsoft Sellers

Solver has all the right credentials to support a partner’s joint sales effort with their counterparts on the Microsoft sales team. These include: an Azure-based solution, Azure Active Directory (AAD), Excel, Office, and Dynamics integrations, which will help to win new accounts. As a Preferred Microsoft AppSource solution, Solver is an easy app to find and learn about, in addition, Solver is currently the only CPM solution in Microsoft’s highest level co-sell program, which provides Microsoft sellers a margin for each deal won according to certain criteria.

Solver is a global, partner channel–focused business

Perhaps most important to any Dynamics partner is to know that they are a very strategic element in Solver’s go-to-market activities. While many CPM and analytics vendors have been acquired in recent years, resulting in partners often suffering from reduced reseller margins or cancelled programs as investors looking to maximize their profit plans their exit strategies. Partners have been at the center of Solver’s business for more than 24 years and will continue to be so in the future as Solver expands beyond its 12 current global locations across all major regions of the world; with the ever-important goal of delivering maximum value to joint customers.


With the recent announcement of the Microsoft and Solver collaboration, Dynamics partners will not only be key beneficiaries along with their customers, but Solver will also keep enhancing its partner programs, training assets, co-marketing and other ways that drives joint success.


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