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Top Reasons to Work with a CPM Company

This article will focus on the benefits of partnering with a company that offers a corporate performance management solution as a product.

We are all customers of a business. Whether you’re browsing Amazon for a home vacuum that doesn’t break down every year or picking out produce at your local grocery store, we all want the same thing. Namely, we want a product that gets the job done and satiates a need we have. Additionally, good quality, affordability, and customer service are always a plus.

That’s a generic example, but I think we can all agree that the same type of principle can be applied to products in general.

Companies around the world are in search for affordable, dynamic, and simple corporate performance management (CPM) tools to fulfill their needs. To understand the needs of a customer is the first step in becoming a reputable brand. If you work at a professional services or a business solutions organization specializing in financial software and are looking into becoming a reseller, you will come across at least a handful of corporate performance management companies in the game. Finding the right fit for your company is crucial.

You will experience many benefits as a partner of a CPM company. Many CPM companies have a partner program designed to help your company grow and put you on the fast track to winning more deals. Other benefits include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integration and connectors, marketing materials and resources, training, a partner community, and more. Let’s start with the benefits that make it or break it.

Data Integration & Connectors

If you know your audience, it is vital to meet their needs. As mentioned above, understanding your customer is the first step in becoming successful. For instance, if most of your customers are trying to find an integration to a specific ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics or Sage Intacct, you shouldn’t be searching for a CPM organization that doesn’t connect to any of those ERPs unless there’s a big market and opportunity. Finding a CPM software company that has a great relationship with the ERP companies they carry will open doors for you and your business.


Content is incredibly valuable to most organizations. According to Demand Metric, 90% of all organizations use content in their marketing efforts. Meanwhile, according to Curata, approximately 78 % of buyers rely on white papers to make a purchasing decision. Therefore, content has become a crucial part to the purchasing process. What better way to get relevant and timely marketing support than from your CPM partner? The CPM software company you choose should have an array of marketing materials. See below for a list of marketing materials you should be able to provide to your customer that you can get from a partner.

  1. Social Media Content

  2. Videos focusing on marketing, demos, and webinars.

  3. Blog Articles

  4. White Papers

  5. Case Studies/Testimonials

  6. Visuals like logos and infographics

  7. Brochures

  8. Press Releases

  9. Product Data Sheets

  10. Newsletters


In my opinion, good customer service is probably the most important thing about a business. You may have great content, but none of that truly matters unless you offer people your best service. Imagine a time you encountered good customer service. Didn’t it feel great? Partner with a business that offers just that: good customer service. You can typically find how well a company does in that arena from customer and partner reviews on review sites such as G2, Capterra, and Software Advice, to name a few. Many CPM software companies offer different types of tailored services. Companies with consulting, training, and support services will help with everything from implementation to training customers and partners to be product experts.


Many entrepreneurs love the concept of being “self-made.” When you take a look back, you’ll notice that the most influential and successful people didn’t get there alone. Rather, they were part of a community of mentors and peers. Make sure the company you end up choosing to partner with has a partner channel and community. Ask the CPM organization if they hold any partner events for networking and learning. This will be incredibly beneficial to your business and your customers.

Becoming a partner is a big step with a significant amount of opportunities. Hopefully this blog article helps you choose the right one.

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